Full aroma no matter what your game is

Be it tennis, folk dancing, soccer or even finger-wrestling – whatever sport gets you moving, Hofbräu Weisse Alkoholfrei is the perfect post-workout refreshment. Alcohol-free, without sacrificing on full wheat beer taste. A gentle process removes the alcohol from the already-brewed wheat beer. The result: a reliable thirst-quencher for both large and small endeavors.


all year round

Brewing method


Alcohol content

less than 0,5 % Vol.


ca. 12,7 wt%. before alcohol extraction 

Hop varieties

Perle, Herkules

Ideal drinking temperature

6-8 ° C

Brewing method

decoction method


light wheat malt, light barley malt, dark barley malt

Bitterness units

14 IBU


full-gold yellow


sparkling, fresh and full-bodied, with nuances of cloves and honey and a fine yeasty note

Pairs well with

light summer dishes, sweet and sour dishes or fruit sorbets

Allergens top-fermented Hofbräu Beers
Barley and barley products (cereals containing gluten) contained
Wheat and wheat products contained
Nutritional values Weisse Alkoholfrei  (top-fermented)
Reference value for nutritional value (HGM = 100g / DLT = 100ml / PCE = Piece / PTN = Portion) 100ml
calorific value in kilojoules 67,64
bread unit 0,24
protein in g 0,73
salt in g 0,002
total fat in g < 0,1
saturated fatty acids in g < 0,1
total carbohydrates in g 2,88
carbohydrates only sugar g 0,01
volume percent 0,48