Our Hofbräu Winterzwickl

After the long hot summer and a golden autumn, the cold season has finally arrived. Anyone who knows us is well aware that we have the right beer for this season as well: The Hofbräu Winterzwickl. Who still needs tea or mulled wine?

The Beer

Harmonious enjoyment for the cold season


Sledding runs to the valley below, ski-carving on the slopes, snowshoe hiking in the crystalline mountain landscape, just pure winter fun. And that includes stopping off at a cosy mountain lodge to enjoy a Hofbräu Winterzwickl – the beer specially brewed for the winter season. Harmoniously strong, with slight hints of caramel and chocolate and a subtle malty note.


Alc.: 5,5% Vol.

Wort: 12,5 wt%

Brewing Type: bottom-fermented

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