Fantastic pleasure with our latest Hallodri creation!

Especially for the Braukunst Live! - one of the biggest craft beer fairs in Europe - we brewed our limited Hallodri again this year. In 2020, the Braukunst Live! will be organized by Meininger Verlag for the first time and they have announced a competition together with Barth-Haas. The requirement for the festival brew is the use of "Fantasia" - a creative flavour hop composition. On this basis, our brewers have created the "mit Fantasie gehopfter Hallodri" (which means "Hallodri hopped with fantasy").


A bright, unfiltered Kellerbier brewed in a gentle infusion mashing process with two different types of malt and three types of hops. Full-bodied fruit aromas and sweet malt flavours spoil the palate.


Beer type: unfiltered special beer

Wort: 12° P 

Alcohol: 5,5% 

Malt: Pilsener Malt, Caramel malt

Hops: Perle, Herkules, Fantasia

Colour: 5-6 EBC (straw yellow)

Bitterness: 25 IBU

Aroma: full-bodied, fruity-sweet aroma with a hint of caramel

Beer knowledge:

The "mit Fantasie gehopfter Hallodri" is a light, unfiltered special beer. It is brewed in a gentle infusion mashing process with two types of malt (Pilsener malt / caramel malt).

In the glass, the straw-yellow colour appears with a slight opalescent turbidity and a white, fine pearly foam.

The first olfactory impression reveals aromas of green grass and lychee.

In the mouth, light caramel notes and aromas of green tea and citrus fruits are added. His body is racy and tangy. The sweet and fruity taste comes from a hop blend with three different hop varieties (Perle, Herkules, Fantasia). A gentle, floral hop bitterness remains in the aftertaste.

Food recommendation:

The "mit Fantasie gehopfter Hallodri" goes well with light dishes such as veal, poultry and seafood, with slightly sour dishes such as Sauerbraten and sour ends, but equally well with desserts such as apple strudel, Dampfnudel and Kaiserschmarrn.

Our Hallodri at the Braukunst Live! 2020

Enjoy the "with fantasy hopped Hallodri" for the first time at Munich's trendiest craft beer fair, the Braukunst Live!. Here the latest creations of the scene are presented, tasted and rated. Visit us at our booth, taste our beer specialties and talk to our brewers and beer sommeliers. In addition to our Hallodri you can also get a personal impression of our Hofbräu Maibock and Hofbräuhaus Hell.


Date and opening hours:

Friday, 31. January 2020, 4 pm – 11 pm
Saturday, 01. February 2020, 2 pm – 10 pm

Address of the Braukunst Live! Festival:

Munich MVG Museum, Ständlerstraße 20, 81549 Munich, Germany


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Our Hallodri-beer specialties 2012 - 2020

As premium partner of the Braukunst Live! we accompany the festival for the ninth time already with our annually changing special Hallodri beer. 

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