beer garden time

Let's go to the beer garden and enjoy the summer with your loved ones to the full! Also to enjoy to the full: Hofbräu Sommerzwickl - our unfiltered summer speciality. Since everything takes place outside at this time of year, we are giving away tickets for the "Kino am Olympiasee". The Filmfest attracts with great shows and Hofbräu is the perfect beer to accompany the film. And as if that wasn't enough, this year there will be two big HB summer festivals in Munich with all kinds of entertainment. If you want to bring the taste of summer home to you, you should be particularly vigilant, as some of the cases of Hofbräu Sommerzwickl have the chance to win a unique prize. Summer with Hofbräu München has a lot to offer.

HB summer parties

Best beer, Bavarian delicacies, live music, carriage rides with the "Hofbräu Express" and a photo booth with a Wiesn table competition. Our two Hofbräu summer parties have a lot to offer. It's your own fault if you don't stop by!


Park Café - 13.07.2019 from 3 pm

Hofbräukeller - 20.07.2019 from 2 pm

Hofbräu Sommerzwickl

No summer without our refreshing Sommerzwickl. It is and remains a beer classic for the hot season. Bottom-fermented brewed and opal shimmering in a glass with a fine-pored foam crown, a fruity, finely spicy aroma unfolds with a perceptible tangyness. This unfiltered seasonal speciality goes wonderfully well with classic beer garden dishes or grilled sausages in your own garden.

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And here you can buy the Hofbräu Sommerzwickl online:

Biershop Bayern

HB at the "Kino am Olympiasee"

Enjoying an exciting film, popcorn and a freshly tapped Hofbräu beer open-air - that works at"Kino am Olympiasee".Everything in the dream setting of the Olympiapark. A unique scenery. You can also win great tickets through our social media channels.

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HB and the Munich Film Festival

As an integral part and main sponsor of the film festival, we provide the appropriate refreshment with our beers. The film industry meets at the events and discusses their work over a Hofbräu beer. The passionate moviegoers are also provided with the best liquid quality.

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