HB for Honey Bee


Taking on social responsibility is a matter of great importance to us. Environmental protection is a very important topic for all of us. We take this into account in the design of our corporate processes and in our daily business activities. Besides the optimization of our brewery processes, we also want to get active and therefore we have made bee protection our corporate DNA.

Since spring 2018, we have been running a sustainability project in our brewery to prevent the extinction of bees. Training manager Christian Beetz takes care of 3 bee colonies in our brewery together with our trainees and a beekeeper.

In addition, we support projects that are meaningful, regional and sustainable. Projekt 2028 from Hektar Nektar is such a project and therefore we have made bee protection our corporate DNA.

Bee mortality is real and no media hype and has a drastic impact on nature and society. After all, the honey bee pollinates 80% of all fruit and vegetable plants and is the third most important domestic animal. The bee is responsible for a third of our food. We want to do something lastingly against the bee death and strengthen the occupational group at the same time, which are the multiplicators for more bees in the world. Therefore we are setting an example with Project 2028. WE ARE IN and support the goals of Project 2028: 10 percent more bees, 100,000 more bee colonies and 10 percent more beekeepers.

As part of Project 2028, we support young beekeepers with bee colonies and everything else they need for optimal care. Only beekeepers know how to take good care of bee colonies and how to reproduce them. Therefore we make an important contribution to the protection of the environment and species, to the promotion of the region and to the reproduction of the bees by directly supporting the beekeepers. So that you and we can bite an apple in the future that does not come from the 3D printer. See the fruits of our commitment on Hektar Nektar and get to know our beekeepers!

With this in mind, we look forward to further good cooperation.