Top-fermented or bottom-fermented, light or dark, mild or strong, filtered or naturally cloudy - which type of beer do you prefer? Find out and embark on an enjoyable journey of discovery with our beer specialties. There's something for every taste!

See, smell, taste and enjoy!

Beer tasting at home

Whether you are a beer tasting newbie or a beer connoisseur - taste your way through the variety of flavors of our Hofbräu beers. Choose from the following packages for your private beer tasting:


Hofbräu Beer Tasting

Hofbräu Tasting Package

Hofbräu Tasting Package XL


In the included tasting brochure, you will find a lot of background information about the raw materials, the brewing process and, of course, how best to conduct your beer tasting at home. Equipped with tasting glasses, a bottle opener and the selection of Hofbräu beers, your personal beer tasting can begin.

By the way, also a nice gift idea for Easter or Father's Day! ;)

Tasting with our beer sommeliers

Get to know our beer sommeliers in the HB beer tasting series on Youtube and dive into the different beer styles and aroma profiles together. The best thing to do is to taste our classics in parallel and experience the fruity-fresh aroma of our Münchner Weisse with notes of banana and apricot or taste the pleasantly sweet biscuit aroma of our Hofbräu Maibock!  


Curious now? Then take a look right away:


to the beer sommelier videos

Have fun tasting, cheers!