Our classic

Sitting together on long wooden benches, enjoying pretzels and hearty snacks and treats, feeling that Bavarian hospitality and camaraderie, the perfect service donned in smart-looking traditional costume – nearly complete but what absolutely can't be missing? A liter of Hofbräu Original! Luminous golden yellow with foamy white crown – you can already taste the refreshment: Slightly malty, full-bodied, mature and with an elegant finish. A beer with character for connoisseurs with character.


all year round

Brewing method


Alcohol content

5,1 % Vol.


ca. 11,7 wt%

Hop varieties

Herkules, Perle, Select

Ideal drinking temperature

6-7 °C

Brewing method

infusion method


light barley malt, Munich malt

Bitterness units

24 IBU


gold yellow


fine spicy bouquet, slightly malty, full-bodied, mature and with a fine hoppy aroma – a superbly balanced lager

Pairs well with

sausage and cheese, salads, roast pork, pasta and steamed fish