Bavarian beer in the “Munich style”

Bavarian tradition, the archetype of the Munich beer, you can taste its history – this is Hofbräu Dunkel. Long before wheat beers and lagers wetted the throats of Germans, the bottom-fermented dark beer was quenching the thirst of Munich residents. The first beer, which was served in the "Braune Hofbräuhaus", still satisfies to this day with its roasted, hoppy taste and the subtle malty finish.


all year round

Brewing method


Alcohol content

5,5% Vol.


ca. 12,5 wt%

Hop varieties

Herkules, Perle

Ideal drinking temperature

7-8 °C

Brewing method

decoction method


Munich malt, light barley malt, caramel malt

Bitterness units

23 IBU


dark brown


malt floral bouquet with notes of caramel, roasted malty, hoppy with a subtle malty sweet finish

Pairs well with

roast, smoked meat and sausage dishes

Allergensbottom-fermented Hofbräu Beers
Barley and barley products (cereals containing gluten)contained
Nutritional valuesDunkel (bottom-fermented)
Reference value for nutritional value (HGM = 100g / DLT = 100ml / PCE = Piece / PTN = Portion)100ml
calorific value in kilojoules177,94
bread unit0,26
protein in g0,52
salt in g0,001
total fat in g< 0,1
saturated fatty acids in g< 0,1
total carbohydrates in g3,07
carbohydrates only sugar g0,02
volume percent5,5