An homage to the ‘Wiesn’

The waitress is carrying ten liters and she still has a smile on her face. Celebrating, singing, swaying – Prost! The Hofbräu tent at the Oktoberfest is known for its lively atmosphere. Here is where the world comes to celebrate. Down Under in Lederhosen. Of course, the most popular folk festival in the world wouldn't be complete without a very special beer: Hofbräu Oktoberfest beer is a full-bodied, bottom-fermented specialty beer. With its fine hoppy aroma, it’s perfect alongside a classic Oktoberfest roasted chicken.


mid-July – end of September

Brewing method


Alcohol content

6,3%  Vol.


ca. 13,7 wt%

Hop varieties

Herkules, Perle, Magnum, Select

Ideal drinking temperature

7 ° C

Brewing method

infusion method


light barley malt, Munich malt

Bitterness units

26 IBU


fine shiny, strong golden hue


supple-soft, full-bodied, palatable and with a slightly sweet finish

Pairs well with

roast pork, knuckle, light snacks, roast chicken, white radishes, hard cheese like Emmentaler

Allergens bottom-fermented Hofbräu Beers
Barley and barley products (cereals containing gluten) contained
Nutritional values Oktoberfestbier (bottom-fermented)
Reference value for nutritional value (HGM = 100g / DLT = 100ml / PCE = Piece / PTN = Portion) 100ml
calorific value in kilojoules 200,69
bread unit 0,23
protein in g 0,56
salt in g 0,001
total fat in g < 0,1
saturated fatty acids in g < 0,1
total carbohydrates in g 2,78
carbohydrates only sugar g 0,06
volume percent 6,25