Harmonious enjoyment for the cold season

Sledding runs to the valley below, ski-carving on the slopes, snowshoe hiking in the crystalline mountain landscape, just pure winter fun. And that includes stopping off at a cosy mountain lodge to enjoy a Hofbräu Winterzwickl – the beer specially brewed for the winter season. Harmoniously strong, with slight hints of caramel and chocolate and a subtle malty note.


end of October – mid-January

Brewing method


Alcohol content

5,5 % Vol.


ca. 12,5 wt%

Hop varieties

Herkules, Perle

Ideal drinking temperature

7-8 °C

Brewing method

decoction method


Munich malt, light barley malt, caramel malt

Bitterness units

23 IBU


dark brown, clear opal


harmoniously strong, with light fruit aromas and a subtle malty note

Pairs well with

opulent dishes such as stuffed poultry and game, mushroom dishes and desserts

Allergensbottom-fermented Hofbräu Beers
Barley and barley products (cereals containing gluten)contained
Nutritional valuesWinterzwickl (bottom-fermented)
Reference value for nutritional value (HGM = 100g / DLT = 100ml / PCE = Piece / PTN = Portion)100ml
calorific value in kilojoules184,05
bread unit0,29
protein in g0,56
salt in g0,002
total fat in g< 0,1
saturated fatty acids in g< 0,1
total carbohydrates in g3,45
carbohydrates only sugar g0,40
volume percent5,5